T H E   N U R S E R Y

the nursery band photo alex pulec 2018

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, the Nursery manage to combine youth's darker themes of fear, obsession, sex and death with dramatic, electrifying songs. The three-piece met at a recording session in a converted monastery in Buffalo, New York. Vocalist and songwriter Alex Pulec and synth bassist Victor Ess met in Toronto through the city's underground punk scene while drummer Josh English is a Buffalo, New York native. 

Influenced by a range of styles, from New Order and The Cure's gothic new wave to fellow rock maximalists like Queen and Electric Light Orchestra, they soon began to apply their pop-influenced hooks and melodies to the lush and driving backdrops they created.

Pulec started writing his hazy, neon-drenched and dramatically colored songs for The Nursery in 2013, right of the heels of leaving his previous group, The Ruby Spirit, in a contentious blow out. Sharper than ever, Pulec is spinning conversational quips with lyrics that explore life's contradictions. "it comes from that place where you go between manic joy and sheer dread within seconds", Alex says like some kind of morbid joke, "death is everywhere, I sing about it. It's cruel, absurd and romantic. I can find the good in anything."  

The Nursery took home Best Independent Band (2015) and Best Music Video (2016) at the Toronto Independent Music Awards for a self-produced video for their song "Digital Ashes". The song also appears in Season 1 of the CBC show Schitt's Creek. The Converse Shoe Company sponsored the band to record new music which will be included on their debut LP, Life After Wartime. Their new single "Everybody's Famous" from the forthcoming album sees the band setting the stage for a refreshing dose of intoxicating pop and rock & roll adventurism.

 "The Nursery has a truly special talent for exploring the human experience with an authentic bluntness." -Nu

"Blurring the lines between post-punk, electro-pop and psychedelic rock." -Exclaim! 

An anthemic indie dance explosion.” -Raz Mataz Magazine