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                                             Directed by : Tom Sokaliski 

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The Nursery is a vibrant, synthy art pop foursome from Toronto who weave hazy neon drenched atmospheres into irresistibly ear worm worthy songs that are hypnotic and euphoric.  Their debut EP, Digital Ashes, sees the band setting the stage for a refreshing dose of endearing adventurism to an indie pop band.

“With an anthemic and boisterous sound, Toronto’s The Nursery is well on the path to being Canada’s next great indie-pop band. Fantastic indie pop.”
— The Revue on Digital Ashes EP

The EP's lead single and video explores the impermanence and unpredictability of digital data through dizzying glitch sequences, nostalgic residue and a post-internet dystopia. Using icons of outdated technology and collapsed civilizations, Digital Ashes illuminates the paradoxical fragility of modern society. 


The Nursery toured after Digital Ashes' release in Canada and North-Eastern United States headlining their own shows and capturing audiences while supporting artists like Day Wave, Repartee and the Birthday Massacre. The Converse Shoe Company recently sponsored the foursome to record new music which will be included on their forthcoming debut full-length LP this fall. 

                                           Photography : Genevieve Blais 

                                           Photography : Genevieve Blais 

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