'Everybody's Famous' Premiere - Indie 88.1FM

"We are pleased to premiere The Nursery’s brand new video from the band’s forthcoming debut LP. The song explores toxic celebrity culture, double lives, gender politics, and the modern obsession with fame."


The Nursery Explore Digital Decay On Their New EP Digital Ashes' - Chart Attack

"The Nursery explore the paradoxical fragility of the post-digital era through big and glossy, 3D-modelled, rose quartz- and serene-coloured pop music."


Q&A with The Nursery: Dream Pop Woven with Depth - Milk Crater

"The Canadian four-piece is relentlessly creative and inspired, from their genre-spanning music to their thrillingly well-produced videos. At the bottom of each song lies an inherently profound message."

Review - 'Digital Ashes EP'
- Grayowl Point

"The world of The Nursery is one of crystal beaches, a burning mechanical phoenix, games “twisted like rattlesnakes.” The lyrics paint as a picture as vivid as the music the band makes.


The Nursery: 'Everybody's Famous' - FYI Music News

"Industry types would be smart to check these guys out, as they appear highly worthy of their 15 minutes of fame, or much more."


The Nursery - She Speaks the Wave - Exclaim

"Toronto-based outfit The Nursery have a knack for blurring the lines between post-punk, electro-pop and psychedelic rock, and Exclaim! is pleased to premiere their latest offering."


The Nursery Release Postmodern Video From Forthcoming LP - The Deli

"The Nursery have called their music “freak pop,” which is a good way to characterize their off-kilter sound."


"Everybody's Famous" In The Nursery's New Video - Nu

"The video might well be interpreted as The Nursery’s attempt to make us reflect on how our values towards art and success have shifted in modern times"


The Nursery: CMW 2015 - Razmataz Magazine

"The Nursery bursts into their Canadian Music Week set, catching everyone in the young audience by amazing surprise: finally, a band that knows what the fuck they’re doing."

The Nursery Rocks With 'Everybody's Famous' - Nu

"The new single represents this kind of “out of box” sound Pulec has so far captured in their previous releases. Don’t expect anything short of inventive from The Nursery."


The Elwins With The Nursery At Adelaide Hall - Live in Limbo

"It’s hard not to get lost in the music. They are the sort of band that never leaves a breath or takes a break."