Recording With Converse

Whoa! That was fun. We were so excited when we heard the news that the Converse Shoe Company was in town and wanted to sponsor a recording session for us. So rad of them to be not only supporting our music but also other talented independent artists.

They put us up at Noble Street Studios for a day session in the heart of Toronto. When we got the news we were so excited that we wrote a new song overnight to make the best use of this amazing space.

We weren't alone in the production. We were joined by our amazing friend and assistant engineer Lu Slone who also snapped some sweet photos. Mike Rocha who has been producing our most recent material with his assistant Mike Fong were also there to make sure everything was sounding like magical ear candy. Special thanks to Alex Bonefant of Dream House for engineering as well.

Vic staying on top of the low end

Where Alex gets his magic

It was a fun and relaxed environment that saw us getting experimental from jamming foam under our guitar and bass strings for new sounds to firing up their vintage Hammond B3 organ. Can that "magic" knob get us any higher?

The music we captured will be for our forthcoming full length LP that we hope to release in the fall. Big shout out to Converse again for being so cool and our amazing team of friends and collaborators. Oh and thanks for the new kicks too.